Step 1. Important Information

  • Before ordering you have to generate scrape settings, using the scraper.
  • Provide the same link (username) in the order form as you entered in the scrape settings.
  • Track order progress/history in the scraper just by entering the username and clicking 'load' (to refresh it)
  • Only scraping target followers and recent post likers are currently available. Hashtags will come soon.
  • Only sending DM text is available, avoid using external links. However, you can use '@' to link to your profile.

Resetting Blacklist

To clear the blacklist, click the 'clear database' option a few times on the scraper.

Step 2. Generating Scrape Settings

  1. Go to our scraper,
  2. Enter your IG username
  3. Select any desired filters
  4. Select how many recent post likers to scrape 0-10
  5. Paste targets to scrape followers from 1 per line
  6. Press ‘Save’ a couple times to make sure it goes through


You can tell if everything saved normally by ensuring the 'scrape statistics' has updated!

Image Guide:

Click here to view an image guide on using the scraper

Step 3. Placing the order

  1. On SMMCloud, select service ID: 1714 or 1715
  2. In the link field provide the EXACT username you've entered in the scraper (the one you made the settings for)
  3. Select your desired quantity
  4. In the groups field, enter the desired message you want to send
  5. Submit your order


Orders are processed automatically, and should always start within 15 minutes!